Beginning one day prior to Hurr. Ike, Kathy began hands-on helping of Galveston Bay animals, based upon her 2 month experience as a rescuer and trapper in New Orleans post-Katrina (as a volunteer with Best Friends Animal Society and Animal Rescue New Orleans).  Now over two years later, the affect of Hurr. Ike on Galveston Bay animals is far from over, and Kathy is continuing to help animals in her own neighborhoods (much of which was devastated with storm surge flooding of 7 feet or more). 

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ANIMAL RESCUE:  Hurricane Ike
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Insolidarity With Animals, Houston, Tx

Best Friends Animal Society
Kathy Landry
Lower 9th Ward, New Orleans, Post- Katrina
December, 2005
Featured below:

- Kathy's RESCUE STORIES, a heart-moving but emotionally honest journal of some of her field rescue experiences, beginning one day prior to Ike.

- Kathy will be updating her journal and wishlist periodically, so follow along for updates on the continued effect of Ike on Galveston Bay animals.
Beginning one day prior to Hurr. Ike, Kathy began hands-on helping of Galveston Bay animals, based upon her 2 month experience as a volunteer rescuer and trapper in New Orleans post-Katrina (through Best Friends Animal Society and Animal Rescue New Orleans).  The affect of Hurr. Ike on Galveston Bay animals is far from over...and despite damage to her home, 2 weeks without electricity, and major impact on her self-employment, Kathy is continuing to help animals in her own devastated community of Kemah and Seabrook (most of which had storm surge flooding of 7 feet and more). 

Monetary donations of any amount accepted below via PayPal for animal food, supplies for setting up of food/water stations, medical needs of animals Kathy rescues,  and support of Kathy to be able to continue helping abandoned animals, 'strays' and ferals affected by Hurr. Ike.

Kathy was a volunteer for 6 years with the Dolphin Rescue Team of the Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network.  A vegan vegetarian for the past 14 years, Kathy attributes the development of her musical gifts to her simultaneous path of compassion and relating to all living beings as kindred friends.  She spent two months in New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina, as a volunteer animal rescuer of dogs and cats (through Best Friends Animal Society and Animal Rescue New Orleans), working day and night in the hardest hit ‘warzone’ areas of the city.  This was one the most profound experiences of her life, yielding the birthing of her singing voice.  Through her deep connection with animals, she has learned the often denied 'knowing' that we are one with them.   The passion portrayed in Kathy's music emulates undivided compassion and solidarity with all living beings as key to peace in the world.

Kathy continues to be deeply involved in animal rescue and animal advocacy, and resides near Houston, Texas, surrounded by her animal friends, many of whom are special needs. 
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Hurricane Ike, Seabrook, Tx
Hurricane Ike Left-Behind & Traumatized Survivor
(Four of his companions were not so fortunate - photos not shown here due to their graphic and disturbing nature.
Kemah, Tx
© 2008 Kathy Landry
(above) Noah & his soulfully bonded friends were left behind, shaken survivors of Hurricane Ike  - and were then abandoned!   As you can see, they let me know upfront that they come 3 to to a pack!   Four other members of their feline family did not survive and paid the ultimate price of being left behind (after months of feeding 2 of them in place, I recently completed the rescue and reuniting of all 3 cats and am fostering them!
Note: Some photos were taken with a friend's borrowed camera and the camera's date-recording function was malfunctioning (hence the incorrect dates on the photos)
"...Synchronistically, I was driving back out early that evening, to pick up a forgotten supply for preparation for Ike, when a cat I had never seen before slinked across the street in front of me, with the telltale adornments of motherhood swinging auspiciously above the pavement.  Ike rescue had officially begun, with only hours to complete the mission..."

"...I saw a black cat, partially covered in caked-on sludge, sitting in a driveway.  As I approached him, this non-feral neutered cat greeted me with continual and adamant vocalizing, as he profusely rubbed on my legs as though I were an old friend.  48 hrs. after Ike, he was still trembling and appeared traumatized.  I comforted him, tried to pick off the clumps of gunk, and set up food and water…"

"...As I approached to pull Koda away from what I thought was debri on the street, I peered through the drizzling, grey rain.  There I beheld Koda - slowly and ever so lovingly caressing with his tongue, a tiny brown bird that was flopping and struggling helplessly on the wet, brown pavement..."

"...Communications were cut….and no email.   My heart quickened for a few moments, as it sank in that this was truly disaster rescue.   There was only my compassion, my common sense and my best insights.  This time, there was no Best Friends Animal Society triage center to bring the animals to..."

"...Suddenly, she flew straight up out of the carrier and continued effortlessly and quickly across several yards to disappear into a large tree.  She had been saying goodbye to her sanctuary that had given her safe keeping..."

KATHY'S JOURNAL: To read the above Ike rescue stories in their entirety, plus more  stories and Kathy's journal, Click here

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© 2008 Kathy Landry
Hurricane Ike, Kemah, Tx
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