Total Playtime: 65:08  
For Love of the Soul CD


“Let your heart and soul be kissed and exalted by the Angels by listening to this spiritually moving music.” -- Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul ®
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Listen to samples:
1. Beloved Soul
4.  Universal Soul:
    Walking in Unity 
5. Embraced by the Soul 
3. Compassionate Soul:
    Walking with the Heart
“As I listened to this CD, I felt as if God was holding me in his arms and pouring his love into me.  
“Simply divine!”
For Love of the Soul CD was composed live
during a workshop that was co-facilitated by Kathy.  The music was inspired by her love
for dolphins and whales, and what they taught her about compassion (for all animals) during the time she spent that year as a volunteer caretaker of dolphins and whales in rehabili-
tation from stranding on the Texas coast. 
The work included hundreds of hours spent holding and supporting them in the water,
and assisting them to swim.
Kathy Landry’s beautiful work 'For Love of the Soul' facilitates the connection of heaven and earth.”  -- John Randolph Price, Best-selling author of The Abundance
“This music has really helped me get centered, relax, and calm down
more than once when I thought I could not live inside this body
at the moment.”           
”Your music brought us peace and thus made us feel we were more effective caregivers
that day. “  (Hospice organization)   
“What a most beautiful sharing of passion and love!   I use it in so many ways, especially for meditation and prayer!”         
NOTE:  No medical claims are made.  This CD is not intended as a substitute for medical
or psychological treatment, or veterinarian care.
Enhance your participation in the collective compassion for the people, animals,
nature and environment of Earth by listening regularly…
Take a journey through deeply moving, epic soundscapes and soaring melodies - filled with soothing passion and reverent inspiration that helps you shift your inner world into a deeper reality of well-being, peace, and compassion while empowering you to walk with grace as an indivisibly compassionate universal soul.  A unique and transportive blend of digital chimes enfolds you in a lucid and tranquil emulation of water...and cascading piano enchants the heart with the compassion and mystical energy of the dolphins. The magnificent presence and grace of the whales is experienced by a marriage of deep, transcendant choral voices and panoramic strings.
“This is my favorite CD for background for my massage therapy clients.  It facilitates my work better than any other music that I have tried.”   
“I love this CD.  It feels very divinely inspired and very special."     
To sample the full spectrum of this CD,
listen to all of the clips. 
“This music is breathtaking, and will effect our world so positively.”  
“The music invites you to go on a wonderful journey and yet is so ‘centering’. “
“We listen to this CD every morning.  It is a perfect and joyful way to begin our day!  And we have never tired of it.  This music provides a new experience each and every time you listen!”
“This music was truly a moving experience for everyone in our group.”
Ideal for meditation/prayer, the healing arts, massage therapy, health professionals, spa, yoga and expressive movement, the healing arts, Reiki and energy healing, creative activities, emotional release, veterinarians, animal rescuers, animal caretakers. 

GREAT for ANIMALS: elicits a deep and positive response, bringing calm and balance, and supports their well-being on all levels.
For Love of the Soul CD is a live, spontaneously improvised, unedited recording.  Produced by Kathy Landry. 
© 2000 Kathy Landry. All Rights Reserved. 
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A Profoundly Epic and Soul-Moving Musical Journey...
For Love of the Soul
Total CD Playtime:  65:08
This track is an epic
journey of universal compassion & unity,
inspired by the whales, dolphins, & ocean.
Entire track on the CD
is 25 min.
2. Empowered Soul 
Book  and The Angels Within Us  -- Jan Price, author of The Other Side of Death